Internationally recognised as an expert in denim – its structure, its intimate qualities and malleable opportunities, Shauket Imam is quite simply the fashion authority for the fabric that has become a fashion category of its own, an iconic expression of individual style for generation after generation since the 1950’s.   

Considered to be ‘blue-blooded’ with a cool, calm approach to the global take-over of all things fashion, Shauket’s label, KOHZO successfully combines naturalness, environmental awareness and well-researched  technology to produce a lux, industrial, high end denim concept with rock star appeal and an ethical conscious.

Godfather of Levi’s 501, exhibitor at the Guggenheim and MOMO and lover of blue, Shauket is based in Switzerland and considers his brand a global brand for the future.  
“KOHZO reflects a new philosophy. KOHZO DENIM is totally different from existing denim: in material, making, feeling, comfort, appearance and cut.”

The absolute apex of Shauket Imam’s vision & design expression produced in ultra limited quantities primarily in Japan from rare and natural materials such as hibiscus, bamboo, pineapple and KOHZO, paper made from the Japanese eponymous paper mulberry tree. It’s 100% natural using dyes of indigo, vegetable, natural mud, fruit and charcoal.

The core incarnation of KOHZO found in the high end of each market’s distribution, KOHZO by Shauket bring’s the KOHZO lifestyle from the realm of art into that of living experience.


With over 30 years in the Japanese denim industry, founder Shauket Imam is the rare visionary driving KOHZO’S forward-looking luxury denim collection. As a true global jet setter, Shauket constantly pushes the spectrum of design, while adhering only the environmentally sound practices and processes in his collection. Founded in 2001, KOHZO’S coveted products are in the best retail partners around the world.


KOhZO is developed on a philosophy combining tradition, naturalness, environment awareness and tomorrow’s technology.
Our main creation and innovation are focused on fabric material, construction design and treatment. The most important issue for KOHZO is to create a product that is not only beautifully designed and well made, but that also takes care of the environment, nature, traditions and each other. KOhZO is about choice and being connected to what we wear every day. This is why people choose KOHZO.


Think of cowboys deep in meditation. Imagine a buddhist temple in the wild west. Together, the KOHZO collection combines and transforms western and eastern traditions. We invite you to feel at home in subtle fabrics that combine the refined luxury hand of purest cashmere with the tested functionality of classic blue jeans. Our signature style is one of natural confidence and progressive chic.